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Benefits of Solar Energy and Solar Panels

One great way to decrease environmental impact, balance energy costs, and contribute to energy independence is installing solar panels. Solar panels provide many benefits and help support local businesses. Some of the benefits that solar panels provide can be specified as: 

​Increase Savings

Annual energy costs can be significantly high, but what if you can reduce these costs? 

Solar energy can help many homeowners reduce their costs and sometimes eliminate them by installing solar panels. Homeowners start their long term savings by capturing the sun's energy for free, thus reducing their energy costs. Solar panels also help improve your house value. Any house with solar panels has an increased resale value, especially if the solar panels are on top of your roof. They help elongate the life of a roof because of the protection. Solar panels catch the sun's energy for free and help protect different elements such as snow and rain. They also allow the house to cool down during summer because the hot sun does not directly blaze on the rooftop. Instead, solar panels absorb the energy, keeping the house temperature low in the house. 

Reduce Energy Bills

The State of California can be considered one of the hottest locations in the United States of America, especially during summer. That’s why we exist. Annex Solar provides the opportunity to take advantage of the heat and generate green energy through solar panels, which helps with energy efficiency & consumption, leading homeowners to reduce their energy bills and become green users. 

Environment Friendly & Clean Energy

Harmful gases that are produced by burning fossil fuels cause air pollution and climate change. Usually, traditional electricity is produced by burning such fossil fuels, which is extremely dangerous for the environment. Also, fossil fuels are considered a limited resource, meaning they will run out. Thus, there is a fluctuation in the pricing, which will cause a surge in the price in the near future. 

Our dependency on fossil fuels will decrease by installing solar panels, and our focus will be on clean and pure renewable energy. Solar panels will help us battle dangerous gas emissions and reduce air pollution in the environment. Such action will improve our public health by reducing water and air pollution. Finally, solar power generates energy from the sun, meaning that we won't experience a shortage of electricity during a drought or heatwave.  Usually, natural gas or nuclear power uses large amounts of water for cooling. If there are severe droughts, electricity will be difficult to produce; however, that is not the case with solar energy. 

Tax Deduction

Did you know that your solar panels are money-generating machines paying you? 

Yes, it is very accurate.

When you file your taxes as a federal income tax credit, you will get a certain percent of your total system costs back. These costs include equipment and installation costs. Solar panels usually have a life expectancy of 25+ years, with fantastic warranty plans covering up to 10 years. As discussed in the third paragraph, solar panels are both socially and environmentally responsible, but they are also economically profitable. 

No matter which part of the world you live in, take advantage of solar energy and its technology. It provides incredible benefits. 

For further information, do not hesitate to contact our office and our sales expert. We will be glad to give more information and help put a smile on your face.

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