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Storage Battery Installation

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What Is A Solar Battery Storage Device?

Solar device battery storage is a device that allows you to reserve and store the energy for later consumption. Such energy is generated by a connected solar system that helps you use it during power outages, after sundown's, or even during energy demand peaks. The built-in technology has creative and advanced system features that allow you to monitor the energy you have used. This feature helps you to minimize your usage from the grid and reduces your monthly electricity bill. The Solar device battery storage is used for both residential and commercial buildings

What Are The Benefits Of The Solar Battery Storage Device?

Solar battery storage devices are perfect to use during critical times

  1. Emergencies: Power outages can be extremely stressful, and it can cause long-term damages to your equipment. With solar battery storage, you don't need to worry about power outages. The energy saved in your solar battery storage system will come in handy during emergencies.

  2. Day time energy consumption & night time energy usage: When there is the sun, the solar panels installed on your roof will generate energy. The battery storage will save energy, and you can use it at night time since solar panels don't consume solar energy at night. If your electric vehicle needs to be charged at night for morning use, battery storage devices can help you restore the vehicle's power. Another critical time can be considered peak hours. When you come back from work during peak hours, you can use the battery storage and not worry about your bill instead of using grid electricity.

No more grid usage or expensive utility bills

  1. No more grid usage: Electricity and energy usage comes from the grids installed in the city. If you do not consume as much electricity and have battery storage installed, it might be possible that you won't consume electricity from the grid.

  2. Save Money: Save money on your electrical bills, especially during peak hours. While your solar panels produce solar energy, they can overproduce and send it to the grid. With battery storage devices installed at your house- this energy can be saved in the battery storage and consumed later on.

Solar Battery Options

Solar panel batteries can be divided into two categories

  1. Lead-acid batteries: One of the cheapest and have the shortest lifespan. If you are on a specific budget, these batteries are the right choice. However, they cost more, and they need to be replaced frequently.

  2. Lithium-ion batteries: The most popular solar storage batteries. These batteries consume enough energy from solar panels and produce significant amounts of electricity. The two types of lithium-ion batteries that Annex Solar offers are Tesla Powerwall & LG. Both batteries can be mounted anywhere in your house. They can be mounted outdoors, indoors, on the wall, or the ground. They are light, very compact, and have a long lifespan, and they come with a package containing its software & inverters. Although these batteries have incredible benefits, they are also the most expensive batteries. 

Note: * We do not carry or sell lead-acid batteries. The information of lead-acid batteries is provided to have a better understanding of the product.

Tesla Powerwall Battery Storage

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LG Battery Storage


Important Factors To Take Into Consideration

While purchasing storage batteries, you need to consider some essential factors

Capacity & Performance

Battery Life & Warranty

Solar System Size & Power

Utility Costs & Usage

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