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Go Solar & Save

Utility Rates

With the increase in the utility costs every year, you lose money every year more than the previous year. According to, utility rates can increase from approximately 2% to 7% every year (Statistica, 2021). By choosing the solar system technology, you can help yourself with these increased costs, save tons of money, and grow your pocket. Since solar panels use free energy and come with different benefits, the solar system is becoming very famous and continually growing. The use of solar energy provides customers with free electricity from the sun rather than paying a bunch of money to the electricity company. It is also an investment that saves you money and helps you increase your value as an owner of a solar panel.


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Advanced Technology

With the advancement of technology, new and more improved and efficient products set the market. Solar panels can be considered as one of the latest and advanced technologies. They have been around for decades because they are made out of silicon and generated sun power. With new solar panels rising in the market and gaining popularity, many solar panel companies provide advanced solar panels with much better battery storage systems. The new components built in the solar panels do not require extra maintenance and can last as long as 25 years with a 25-year warranty.


As previously mentioned, since the technology in solar panels is advancing, and they are gaining popularity, the solar panels' pricing is decreasing. Yes, the pricing for solar panels, in the beginning, might be somewhat high; however, in the long-run, many options decrease the price. Solar panels and solar energy are very affordable. Saving on utility bills, financing, and tax deduction can be some of these benefits.


Implementing solar panels and obtaining information regarding the solar system can be difficult; it can also become a long process and cause headaches for customers. That is why our team at Annex Solar will take care of all processes from start to finish. 


Our team is prepared and ready to provide you with all the required information. 

Do not hesitate to contact us via telephone or email and get your free subscription to go solar.

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