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Solar Considerations

Deciding to install and build solar panels on top of your roof might sound frightening. That is why at Annex Solar, our team understands the customer's goals and puts its customer's needs first. Different factors and risks are considered and communicated with our customers before making major decisions and installing solar panels. Some of the concerns and factors that our customers should be aware of before installing solar panels are addressed below

Solar Panel Plans

Annex Solar will help its customers to decide which plans are the best fit for them. Preferably, when customers choose to keep their home for several years, they will see their solar panel system results. Eventually, they will see their investment as a saving either as income or profit over a certain period. 

 If you are confident in living and keeping your house, contact Annex Solar, and we can decide which plan best suits your needs.


Some customers expect to save by switching to different rate plans or using different energy patterns; however, they don’t need to change their lifestyle by changing to solar panels. They can still save without changing their energy patterns. That is why our team at Annex Solar will help you monitor your consumption, efficiency, and conservation.


Shading can block sunlight from reaching the solar panels. If the shading is temporary, it will not cause a problem for the solar panels; however, if the shading is permanent such as having buildings or a giant tree blocking sunray, that will become a problem for solar panels, and they won't produce energy. At Annex Solar, our team will develop a designated plan and conduct a site survey to ensure your solar panels are installed correctly, directly receiving sunlight to produce energy.

Electric Main Panel

Solar panels will provide extra energy to your main electric panel, and if the main electric panel cannot handle the additional load, an updated electrical main panel will be needed. If our installers and electricians notice that an electrical main panel upgrade is required, they will notify the customers and update the main panel with an additional cost. 


After installing the solar panels, they need to produce energy generated by the sun. The longer the solar panels are in production, the more power it will generate for the household. Does that mean that you cannot use your solar panel energy even after installing? No. It means taking precautions while using your solar energy. 

Solar Panel Zero-Production

As previously mentioned, solar panels require sun power to generate electricity. Therefore, the solar system will not generate electricity at night or in difficult weather conditions such as cloudy days, rainy days, or even snowy days. When the solar panels do not generate electricity, the electricity is consumed by the utility company. Additionally, based on the plan designed for your house, your utility charge will be lower at night. Our customers can install storage batteries that will save and store your electricity and use it when needed rather than consuming electricity from the electric company for an extra cost.

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