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Electric Vehicle Charger


At Annex Solar, our team of experts also install electric vehicle outlets. Installing an electric vehicle power outlet with a new solar system can provide many benefits. 

  1. If you are willing to purchase or switch to an electric vehicle, you will save time. You wouldn't worry about spending hours and hours in a gas station to fill the tank. Charge the electric vehicle at home and have peace of mind.

  2. Do you have a new solar system set up on your roof? Wonderful! Because you will be charging your outlet for free without using any grid power or having to pay an extra dime for your utility bill. Charge your electric vehicle, and let the solar system take care of your electric vehicle outlet by charging it using solar power.

  3. You do not only save time but also lots of money. While installing a new solar system, it is evident that the utility bills' price will drop. Now add your gas bills on top of your utility bills. 

  4. Since the solar system industry is rapidly growing, installing new electric vehicle outlets is also rapidly increasing. The reason simply being that the electric vehicle charging outlet is advantageous & low in cost. 

  5. While installing a new solar system, you, as a customer, are helping the environment. By switching to an electric vehicle and installing an electric vehicle outlet, you are emissions-free. When you drive a regular vehicle that burns a gas, the gas produces carbon monoxide & nitrogen oxides, causing air pollution. All-electric vehicles burn zero emissions and help improve air quality. 

Contact us at Annex Solar, and one of our sales experts will help you decide which electric outlet is right for you and provide additional information if needed.

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